Congratulations to Trey Walker on being selected our September Dancer of the Month!

We are SUPER excited to announce Trey Walker as our October student of the Month!!! Trey has really stepped up to “super hero status” in class.  He has been working hard at mastering his technique and has shown great promise (especially in regards to his needles and illusions).  We like to refer to him as “flash” because of his high energy, enthusiastic, all-or-nothing attitude.  Not only is Trey a very focused student: but he is also a great example for others.  He is kind to his peers, exhibits great leadership in class by being a good listener, following direction, and having a SUPER attitude!  Trey… you are truly our hero!!!

Here are a few fun facts about this months honoree:

Age: 6

Years at Premier: 3

Nickname: Trey-Trey, Bubba

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite School Subject: Art and Gym

Favorite Restaurant: DQ and Texas Roadhouse

Favorite Candy/Food: Tootsie Rolls, Pizza

Favorite Sport: Baseball

Favorite Dance Style: Tap, Hip Hop, and Leaps!

Favorite Store: Dicks Sporting Goods and Toys ‘R Us

Why do you dance? Because I want to dance like Michael Jackson

What do you want to be when you grow up?  A basketball plaer

If you could meet anyone in the world who world who would it be?  The Flash and Superman

Breakfast with Santa 2016