Congratulations to Suri Mendoza on being selected our June Dancer of the Month!

Congratulations to Suri Mendoza on being nominated as our June Dancer of the month!  Suri is a graceful ballerina in our Ballet I class.  She is quiet, kind, a friend to all, and a hard worker.  Her natural grace makes her beautiful to watch and her warm, welcoming, smile and kindness to others makes her a joy to be around.  We are so happy to have Suri as this month’s Student of the Month!  Keep up the great work, Suri!

Here are a few fun facts about this months honoree:

Ballet I ClassAge: 9

Years at Premier: 1

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite School Subject: Art

Favorite Restaurant: Texas Roadhouse

Favorite Candy/Food: Candy Cane

Favorite Sport: Soccer

Favorite Dance Style: Ballet

Favorite Store: Justice

Why do you dance? I dance because I feel excited every time I dance and it feels right in my body.

What do you want to be when you grow up?  A famous dancer

If you could meet anyone in the world who world who would it be?  I would want to meet a famous ballet dancer!