“Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself”


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August Newsletter

 Summer seems like it gets shorter and shorter every years because here we are again… ready for another great season!  This first week of classes is always my favorite.  I love watching new excited faces come through the door and to watch my returning students progress to their next level of dance.  I hope everyone had a fun filled and, at least a little, restful summer!

Here are a couple of friendly reminders as we start our new season:

  • No food or drink in the classroom (water should be left on the black tiles by the door)
  • Personal items should be left with a parent or in your cubby
  • Please wear proper classroom attire (for dress code requirements please see our August Newsletter)
  • Attendance is a key element to the development of a dancer, if you are going to miss a class please notify staff so we can help you make good use of our makeup policy.
  • A positive attitude will do more good for the development of a dancer than just about anything else!!  Believe in yourself … we certainly do!!!
  • Work hard and HAVE FUN!