“The best way to predict the future is to create it”
-Abraham Lincoln

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February Newsletter

Our fingers are crossed that the groundhog predicts an early spring and that we will have made it through this winter without any closings/inclement weather.  Should we be hit by any weather, however, please remember to utilize social media, our website, and email as we will use all means to notify students/staff of our closing.

Good luck to our Premier Competition Team as it begins its competition season!  You ladies are SUPERHEROS and I can’t wait to see you show off your skills at StarPOWER!

Here are a few quick dates/reminders:

  • Premier Monster Gold – Sunday, February 7th from 2-5p.m
  • The studio WILL be open on Monday, February 15th (Great American’s Day)
  • In10sity Solo Competition – February 14-15 at Avon Middle School South
  • Starpower Dance Competition – February 19-21 at Warren Central High School

Monster Golf