“Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot”

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November Newsletter

Halloween has passed and before we know it the New Year will be upon us.  But this November I feel it is important for me to slow down and to be truly grateful for all I have.  This studio, its families, and my dancers have brought many joys into my life and I am so very grateful for each and every one of you!

A couple reminders for November:

  • The studio will be closed Thursday, November 26th 
  • Black Friday Drop-N-Shop Camp will be held Friday, November 27th from 9am-2pm for children ages 3-8.  Check with our front desk for more information.
  • Breakfast with Santa, December 12th – students must have a Christmas Shirt, Plain Black Shorts, Tights, and dance shoes
  • Pacers Performance, December 28th – students must have a Christmas Shirt, Black Premier Shorts, Tights, White Ankle Socks, and Tennis Shoes (any color or style)
  • Princess Mini Camp Tinsel and Tiara’s will be held Saturday, December 19th from 9am-12pm for princesses ages 3-7.  Check with our front desk for more information.
  • Save the date for this years recital “Top Hats and Tiaras” on Saturday, June 18th

Congratulations to our Parent Appreciation week drawing Winners!  Thanks to all who participated!